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ID Cards for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

2024 Badging Trends Survey Featured Image

2024 ID Badge Trend Report & Popular Badge Card Applications

The 2024 edition of the ID Wholesaler ID Badge Trend Report shows continued growth of ID badging programs. In the modern workplace environment, the role of photo ID badges has transcended mere identification; it now stands as a foundational element within comprehensive security frameworks.

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Patients at Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities give Temperature Screening Kiosks a Thumbs-up

For the Children’s Therapy Centers of the Quad Cities, the Temperature Screening Kiosk offered more than a safe and efficient method to screen temperatures for hundreds of patients. It turned out to be a big hit with young patients that delighted in the unique scanning technology!

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COVID-19 Supplies for Healthcare & Essential Businesses

During uncertain times, like a worldwide health crisis, it’s essential for some businesses to stay open, while others are required to temporarily close. In either event, the decision is made for the safety and support of the organization’s community. But rapid changes make it hard to know what to plan for during these unexpected times. Modifying […]

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ID Cards for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Secure ID Cards for the Healthcare Industry

Making your photo ID cards more secure is easier than you might think.

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Barcode Scanners Benefit the Healthcare Industry

How Barcode Scanners Benefit the Healthcare Industry

Barcode scanners designed for the healthcare industry can substantially reduce errors. Find out how!

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Badge Buddy Holders

Compliance with Pennsylvania's HB 1482 Regulations

If your healthcare organization needs a complete solution for the new healthcare law, we can help.

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Badge Buddies

Easily Identify Healthcare Workers with a Badge Buddy

Find out how Badge Buddies can provide your healthcare team with a safe, easy, and affordable way to visually identify roles within your facility.

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