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Carabiner Badge Reel ID Holders: Just Right!

Recently, one of my customers called to let me know that the standard badge reels they used at her organization were simply not meeting their needs. She worked in the medical industry, and the badge reels they used to hold their ID badges weren't as in durable or long-lasting as they had hoped.

The customer said she had wanted a retractable badge reel that was a bit more sturdy and rugged, so I showed her our extensive selection of heavy-duty badge reels. Although she appreciated that they were constructed with a design that was perfect for rugged environments, she felt that their extra weight was more than what her team required.

While heavy-duty badge reels are the right choice for some work environments, they might not be the solution for everyone – like my customer.

She needed a "middle-of-the-road" ID badge reel, so I told her about our carabiner retractable badge reels. This type of retractable badge reel provides additional security in the badge attachment minus the extra weight of a heavy-duty badge reel.

In addition, I told her about the other benefits of carabiner ID badge reels:

  • They feature a convenient clip-style attachment that's spring loaded for easy use
  • They can easily be fastened to a purse, briefcase, backpack, a belt loop, key chain, lanyard, and more.Translucent Carabiner Badge Reel Attachment
  • Most carabiner badge reels include a no-twist component that prevents your badge or ID card from
    moving around when you need to have it facing forward for security purposes.
  • The vinyl strap card attachment can easily slide through any slotted ID, badge, or badge holder to secure on your credentials and snap shut so it does not fall off.
  • You can choose from a variety of attractive colors, and there is even an translucent option that you can simply clip onto your existing round badge reel.

If you're new to ordering custom badge reels, just look for the "How to Order" tab on each custom badge reel product page. It offers detailed instructions for the customization process and includes what to expect once we receive your artwork requirements.

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