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Check out the all new Entrust Sigma SL3 printer!

The Entrust Datacard Sigma SL3 card printer is a powerhouse of an ID card Printer, and one of the world's most advanced direct-to-card printer. Rated by many printer experts as one of the most simple, secure, and smartest ID card printers in the market today. It is able to print high-quality photo IDs at lightning speeds of up to 250 cards per hour, and works conveniently right out of the box to get you going. Printing ID cards for an entire office or team has never been more hassle-free and easier than ever. Datacard CD810 ID Card PrinterThe Sigmal SL3 also allows you to conveniently manage your printer directly from your mobile phone for both creating physical cards, and mobile credentials as well.

Entrust Sigma series printers are definitely some of the most flexible ID card printers in the market, and are ideal for both educational and business settings including:

• Corporate
• K-12 Schools
• Colleges and Universities
• Healthcare
• Loyalty and Membership

Now you can print exceptional-looking credentials with this extensive list of printer features:

Easy to use
The Entrust Datacard Sigma SL3 makes it easy to replace ink with its pre-filled cassettes. Sigma Series modular design also makes it simple to upgrade to duplex printing and more secure printing. Standout features like the variable LED ring quickly indicates its status and adapts to match its surroundings. Save money and conserve your ribbon supply with ease. Keep tabs on your printing with powerful tools like its Printer Dashboard, which makes it easy to see printing and cleaning statuses from a mobile device.

Professional print quality
Sigma SL3's 300 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution makes beautiful, vibrant images and complex graphics like 6-point text, two-byte character sets, and 2D bar codes.

Multiple connectivity options
Manage printing with the Entrust Datacard Sigma SL3 through its standard USB and Ethernet connectivity, including through browser-based management. Integrating Sigma SL3 with any IT environment or application is simple.

Fast and dependable performance
Sigma SL3 performance at the caliber Entrust Datacard is known for, with blazingly fast speeds at up to 250 cards per hour (cph) for single-sided color ribbon printing and double-sided color ribbon at up to 180 cards per hour (cph)

Standard Security
Tactile Impression technology is one of the many security features available through module upgrades. This can make cards more secure by physically impressing a design directly onto the card. It's more cost-efficient and helps secure ID Cards from unauthorized tampering and copies. Secure Boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for extra protection from malware and viruses on bootup. Data is always encrypted and is never stored after printing.

Easy to use Card Printer ID Software
Create professional ID cards for your business or organization in the least amount of time. CloudBadging offers a user-friendly and fluid navigation that help guide you every step of the way. With powerful, yet straightforward design tools, you can expertly create great-looking badges quickly and confidently. Receive a free 30-day subscription to cloudbadging with the purchase of the Entrust Sigma SL3 ID Card Printer with ID Wholesaler.

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