CloudBadging ID Software Enhancements

Always have the latest version with CloudBading

One of the benefits of CloudBadging ID Software - our proprietary ID card design software - are the automatic software updates. Each time you log into CloudBadging, you'll always be using the most current release with the latest enhancements. You'll never have to hassle with time-consuming, costly updates again. Ever!

Even more good news! We recently added several exciting updates to CloudBadging Software:

Stronger security

  • Two-factor authentication
    • It makes CloudBadging even more secure! It's especially valuable when you have multiple users at different locations.

Exciting new design tools

  • Color matching tool
    • Stay on brand when designing your IDs: make sure the entire badge is a cogent representation of your brand strategy. Use this tool to ensure different elements (e.g., text, ID number, shapes) are all the same color.
  • Copy & paste
    • Speeds up card design creation time with a convenient copy and paste function.
  • Ability to lock elements
    • Lock elements into place so while you continue to edit your badge you don’t accidentally move other elements.CloudBadging ID Card Software
  • Support for editing in layers
    • Makes editing easier with the ability to edit by individual layers.
  • Additional barcode formats
    • CloudBadging ID Software now offers an extended list of barcode formats, allowing you to use your ID cards with any barcode reader.
  • Formula functionality for dates
    • Choose from a detailed list of different date formats. Whatever suits your needs!
  • New align/justify functionality
    • Easily align your font and design elements to create a centered, professional-looking ID card.
  • New views (list view and zooming)
    • You can now view your templates in either a list view or in a grid view.
    • Get help finding templates either by image (Grid view) or by title (List view).
  • Get digital images of your credentials via email or text message.
    • Call your CloudBadging Customer Success Manager for details: (800) 996-3581.

And don’t forget: a single CloudBadging ID Software subscription has unlimited users from any computer - regardless of your operating system. Add seat licenses to your CloudBadging account at no additional cost and with zero installation required.

Whether used by an individual or a team across multiple locations, a single CloudBadging license is all you'll ever need. With CloudBadging Software, there aren't additional licenses to buy or time-consuming software installations to manage. Add a new user to your master account simply by creating a login.

Since you can access the application from multiple computers using a single license, CloudBadging is the most affordable, easy-to-scale option on the market. Try it risk-free for with no preliminary costs or fees PLUS no credit card required. Start designing head-turning credentials in minutes!

Call a friendly, knowledgeable ID Professional at (800) 321-4405; we're here to help!

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