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Introducing EcoPass™ Access Cards: A Sustainable Choice for Access Control

In our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and groundbreaking innovation, we are delighted to introduce the EcoPass™ Access Cards—a significant leap towards a greener future. Harnessing the power of pre-consumer recycled plastic, EcoPass aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption by an impressive 85%. EcoPass Proximity and Smart Cards: An Eco-Friendly Access Control Solution Explore the […]

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Proximity Cards

The Current State of Access Control Card Use

Most individuals understand the concept behind proximity cards, but how do they really work? Check out our access control survey results!

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Visual ID Card Security

Visual Card Security

With the increased sophistication of counterfeiters, the need for stronger ID card security and fraud protection has never been greater.

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Data Storage on ID Cards

ID Card Data Storage

Understand your options when it comes to contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, proximity cards, and more at ID Wholesaler!

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MIFARE Cards vs. Proximity Cards

What’s the Difference Between a MIFARE & a Proximity Card?

If you’re not sure whether a proximity or MIFARE card is right for your application, we can help!

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Evolis PrimacyID Card Printer

At ID Wholesaler: the Evolis PrimacyID Card Printer

Get details on the Evolis PrimacyID Card Printer, manufactured especially for ID Wholesaler!

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Temporary Employee ID Card

Creating Staffing or Employment ID Badges for Your Clients’ Workforce

An ID Professional provides valuable ID badge recommendations for staffing and employment agencies looking to streamline their business.

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Printing Systems for Utilities & Service Providers

ID Cards for Utilities & Maintenance Providers

Find out how to implement an ID card program at your utilities and service provider organization!

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Smart Card ID Holders

How to Wear Smart Cards without Slot Punching

These two ID holders will keep your smart card protected, secure, and properly displayed!

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School ID Badges

Using ID Software to Improve School Security

By using ID software when you create your school ID cards, you can increase student and faculty security.

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