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Expiring Visitor Badges Explained

What are Expiring Visitor Badges & What are They Used For?

Distinguishing visitors, contractors, and other guests from employees is an important part of your organization's security. Those looking for a cost-effective, easy to implement visitor management tool can turn to expiring badges.

All expiring badges have a printable or writable surface front part and a back part that includes the expiring bars of color. A chemical reaction begins when the front and back parts are combined and the red bars slowly become more and more visible making an expired badge very easy to identify.

What are Expiring Visitor Badges?

Expiring badge supplies are available in the following forms:

  • stickers
  • pre-printed badges
  • printable badges

The time allotted for the badge to expire is dependent upon how long you’d like them to last. You can purchase expiring badge supplies that can last up to one month or just a few hours.

Note that the temperature in which the badge is worn will have a direct effect on how fast the badge expires. In warmer conditions, the badge will expire faster and in cooler conditions it will take longer for the backing to show through. Until the backing shows and the badge has expired it will be easy for members or employees of your organization to identify visitors who have valid credentials.

Expiring Badge Options

  • Printable – badges can be printed with a thermal printer
  • Manually Issued– name on the badge is manually written
  • Blank or Pre-Printed – badges can be blank or pre-printed with Visitor, Substitute, Volunteer, Temporary, Contractor, etc.
  • Indicator Stickers – turn any badge into an expiring badge with expiring stickers that can be attached to any badge
  • Expiration Increments – badges can expire in a half-day, one day, one week, or one month

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