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How to Improve Visitor Management within Schools

With school violence and tragedies on campuses at an all-time high, school administrators are researching additional ways to ensure the safety and security of their students, staff and faculty.

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Custom & Standard Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring Visitor Badges Explained

Learn more about the types of expiring visitor badges and how they can help add extra security to your organization.

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Visitor Management System

How to Start a Visitor ID Card Program

Who’s visiting your facility today? Are they authorized to be in your building? Learn more about visitor management.

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Beekmantown Case Study

Going to the Head of the Class with Cloud-based ID Card Software

In this case study about K12 ID cards, find out how Beekmantown Central School District in New York State took advantage of CloudBadging Software.

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Expiring Visitor Badges

Manage Visitors More Effectively with Expiring Badges

Find out how expiring visitor badges make visitor management easier and more streamlined.

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Visitor Management

Mitigate Security Risks with Visitor Management Software

Safeguard your facility, protect employees, and secure assets with a visitor management software solution from ID Wholesaler.

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Visitor Management

The Importance of Visitor Management

Find out how to better protect your employees, organization, and assets with a visitor management system.

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How ID Cards Protect Businesses

Top 3 Ways ID Cards Help Protect Your Business

ID cards are an integral part of a company’s security. Read about the top 3 ways organizations can add security to their ID cards.

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CardExchange Visitor Management Software

Download a Free Trial of CardExchange Visitor Software

Test drive the features and tools of CardExchange Visitor Management Software with a FREE 30-day trial. Download your trial software today.

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CardExchange ID Card Software

Visitor Management Software from CardExchange

With the newly launched CardExchange Visitor Software, you can easily manage and monitor all of the visitors to your facility.

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