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Fargo DTC4000 or DTC4500 – Differences Explained

While both the Fargo DTC4000 and DTC4500 are very robust machines, we do field many questions as to what the exact differences between the two machines are. Fargo DTC4500 ID Card Printers Let’s start by taking a look at a few of the key benefits for both of these machines:
  • Both printers are designed to be significantly faster in print speed (24 seconds for a full color YMCKO single sided card).
  • Both printers are lighter and take up less space (smaller footprint) than the older models.
  • The ribbons for either printer are pre-spooled onto a cartridge for you. This means no more fussing with the ribbons to get them loaded into the machine. You simply take the used cartridge out and replace it with a new one.
  • Both printers have the ability to be upgraded to include duplex printing and/or magnetic stripe encoding at anytime with field installable parts available through ID Wholesaler.
Savvy customers notice that the price difference between the single-sided versions of the DTC4000 and DTC4500 is minimal ($240). Here are the main benefits you get when you decide to spend a little more and go with the DTC4500:
  • The DTC4500 is pre-configured to be Ethernet ready. It costs $299 for the optional upgrade on the DTC4000.
  • Dual input hoppers (100 cards each) are standard on the DTC4500. This is a $600 value compared to the optional upgrade on the DTC4000.
  • With the DTC4500, you have the option to upgrade your printer to include lamination at any time. The DTC4000 does not allow you to upgrade to lamination.
  • A standard YMCKO ribbon for the DTC4500 will yield 500 prints per roll. This is twice as many as the DTC4000 (250 prints per ribbon), meaning you spend less time maintaining the printer and more time printing.
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