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How to Customize a Badge Reel

How to Customize a Badge Reel

Do you want your company to stand out from the crowd? In addition to promoting your company's brand and identity, custom badge reels are also the perfect personalized item to give away at company-sponsored events, fundraisers, or other social gatherings.

Custom badge reels offer a wide variety of options. And at ID Wholesaler, we have a solution to fit your needs!

Custom Styles
We carry four different custom badge reel styles, including:

  • Round - the most popular style with clothing attachment options, no-twist options, and more
  • Square - same functionality as a round reel in a square shape
  • Carabiner - offers a larger customization area than a round reel, features a carabiner clip and snap closure for easy, secure attachment
  • Heavy duty - provides a large imprint area for customization, and offers a variety of durable reel materials for rugged environments

Badge reels can be attached directly to your clothing, or they can be used to attach an ID card or cardholder to the badge reel:

Clothing Attachments

  • Belt clip - easy to slide on and off with no damage to clothing
  • Spring or "alligator" clip - attaches easily to coats, shirts, or pants
  • Swivel spring clip - the swivel feature allows the badge reel to turn when attached
  • Carabiner clip - easily clips to a belt loop in a secure, easy-to-use fashion
  • Lanyard attachment - reels are attached to a neck lanyard for easy visibility and card use

Card Attachments

  • Clear standard vinyl strap - snaps your ID card directly to your custom reel
  • Clear durable vinyl strap - reinforced vinyl provides added strap durability
  • Swivel hook or split ring - offer a metal alternative to vinyl strap attachments

Custom badge reels offer the following customization choices:

  • A - Rim print: the custom message is printed directly to the reel, around the rim, using a spot-color printing process
  • B - Pad print: a custom image is printed directly to the center of the reel using a spot-color printing process
  • C - Color label: a custom image is printed to a white label using four-color process color; the label is then affixed to the badge reel surface
  • D - Color label & rim print: the custom message is printed directly to the rim using a spot-color printing process; the image in the middle is printed to a white label, using four-color process printing, and the label is then affixed to the center of the badge reel
    Custom Badge Reels

The Custom Badge Reel Ordering Process
When you're ready to order, simply choose the custom badge reel you would like to order, and enter the necessary information in the fields provided within the "Options" tab. For example, you may include instructions for your specific customization. This might be the text you wish to add or whether you are providing an artwork file of a logo or other design, your desired custom printing colors, and any other special notes.

For artwork files, it's important to provide them in one of the following formats: vector, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, TIFF, GIF, PDF, or BMP.

Your account manager will contact you to verify your order and answer any final questions you may have. Before the custom printing begins, you will receive a proof for approval. Once the proof is accepted, the lead time to receive your new custom badge reels is about two to four weeks. If you want to split your badge reel order into multiple colors, please keep the following in mind:

  • Different colored reels must be in the same style, in increments of 25.
  • The total of all colors ordered must meet the quantity requirement (100 badge reels).
  • All colors must feature the same custom artwork and label styles.

Specify the quantity of each color in the "Instructions" field at the bottom of the "Options" tab.

For all of your custom badge reel questions, an ID Professional is ready to help you find the one that's right for you and your specific needs. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 to talk about your options!
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