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The IDP Smart-31 ID Card Printer is Here

The IDP Smart-31 direct-to-card ID card printer is the predecessor to the Smart-3o printer. The optimal choice  IDP Smart-31 ID Card Printersfor organizations who need to print professional-grade credentials on a conservative budget, the Smart-31 card printer produces an impressive 156 single-sided cards in just 23 seconds!

The dye sublimation Smart-31 Series ID Card Printers offer more advanced features to make your ID card printing program run more efficiently and productively, including:

  • Installable encoders – if your company uses encoding with your ID cards, the Smart-31 can easily manage your magnetic, contact, and contactless encoding.
  • 300, 600 & 1200dpi with edge-to-edge printing – accommodates your specific issuance program needs and image quality requirements
  • Input and output hopper capacity – the input hopper holds up to 80 cards, with an output hopper that holds 25 beautifully printed ID cards
  • Reduced printing noise – count on the Smart-31 to provide quiet operation without disrupting your surroundings
  • FINE™ imaging technology – provides vivid, sharp colors and crisp text and barcodes
  • Added security layer – with the Smart-31 printer, you can depend on low-cost security with UV printing

With its rugged metal frame and steel ball bearings, you can rely on the Smart-31 card printer for long-lasting use with minor maintenance. For enhanced security for your printing system, the Smart-31 is engineered with electronic locks that can be activated to render the printer unusable if stolen. In addition, there’s password verification for administrator and user authentication.

The compact, lightweight Smart-31 card printer offers a user-friendly design with an LED button for simple operation and is perfect for new users and seasoned ID card administrators. This versatile machine is also field upgradable for encoding (contact, contactless, or magnetic stripe).

For more information on the IDP Smart-31 ID Card Printer, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We can help find the right printing solution for your business’s unique needs.

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