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SlimReels(TM) Lanyard Badge Reel Combos

SlimReel System Lanyard Badge Reel Combos are at ID Wholesaler

SlimReel System Lanyard Badge Reel Combos

The patent-pending 3-in-1 SlimReel™ lanyard and badge combination offers you options when it comes to displaying your ID card credentials. Made of long-lasting, dependable flat-braid nylon, the lanyard portion of the SlimReel comes in two popular sized – 3/8” and 5/8'' wide – complete with a safety breakaway.

SlimReel System Lanyard Badgo Reel Combo

With the reliable, high-quality breakaway closures, breakaway lanyards can quickly separate automatically under pressure or physical stress. Should the lanyard or badge get caught in a machine, a door, or on another object, the breakaway feature immediately pulls apart, preventing choking or other neck-related injuries.

Designed with a sleek, contemporary look, the badge reel component is approximately half the thickness of a standard ID badge reel. This innovative badge accessory can be used as a:

  • lanyard and badge reel combo
  • standalone lanyard
  • standalone badge reel

Available in four popular colors, the SlimReel Solution Lanyard & Badge Reel combo is a great choice for your organization:

This 3-in-1 visual identification accessory can be used in a variety of different ways. Use it as the full lanyard/reel combination or detach the reel and use the lanyard and badge reel independently.

The easy-to-use snap clips allow you to swap parts of this credential combination to customize your visual security solution. Best of all, this combo's innovative design keeps your ID cards facing front for easy identification, even from a distance.

The lanyard and reel each feature the same snap clip, which was designed to make card carrying easy. It securely holds slotted ID cards, vinyl badge holders, and rigid badge holders.

For more information about the SlimReel System Lanyard Badge Reel combo, call a knowledgeable ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We can help find the right one for your organization's needs!

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