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Simplified Your Custom Lanyard

Your Custom Lanyard Choices, Simplified

This quick guide to custom lanyards explains the four key decisions you need to make and the most common lanyard styles and attachments our satisfied customers choose.

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broward county district school partnered with IDW

How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

Learn how Hallandale High School in Florida partnered with ID Wholesaler to enforce stronger security protocols for students and staff.

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Custom Lanyards

The Anatomy of a Custom Lanyard

Learn more about the anatomy of a custom lanyard and how our high-quality, low-cost custom lanyards can be custom-designed to your specifications!

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Standard ID Badge Lanyard

The Anatomy of a Lanyard

Learn about the basic components of a lanyard and the variety of options that are available on all lanyard styles.

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Photo ID System

How Schools View ID Badges as a Security Asset, Not a Commodity

Find out how you can increase security for your ID badging program.

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SlimReels System Lanyard & Badge Reel Combos

SlimReels(TM) Lanyard Badge Reel Combos

The SlimReel™ System lanyard with badge reel attachment combines a high-quality lanyard and the convenience of a badge reel together into a single visual ID solution.

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Custom Lanyards

How to Create Custom Lanyards with Our Lanyard Builder

Think creating a custom lanyard is difficult? Think again! See for yourself how many ways you can customize a lanyard and how easy they are to create!

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Custom Lanyards

3 Printing Options for Customized Lanyards

Before ordering custom lanyards, you need to decide how your design is applied: silk screen printing, dye sublimation process, or woven customization.

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Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels

Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels: Low-cost, High-impact Marketing

Promote your organization’s brand easily and affordably with cost-effective custom lanyards and badge reels!

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Pricing Discounts on Standard & Custom Lanyards

Get Quantity Discounts on Lanyards at ID Wholesaler!

When it comes to lanyards and ID Wholesaler, the more you buy, the more you can save!

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Retractable Badge Reel

Using Retractable Badge Reels for Access Control

Need a reliable solution to keep your prox card more secure while it easily displays your credentials? Try our retractable badge reels!

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Information on Breakaway Lanyards:

Breakaway Lanyards: Safety Made Smart & Simple

When it comes to supporting safety in your work environment, breakaway lanyards are the right choice.

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