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Which Digital Camera is Best for Taking Photo IDs?

What's worse than a bad driver's license photo? A bad ID card photo! That bodes the question: what's the best digital camera for taking ID photo IDs?Taking Photo IDs Sure, you can get by with virtually any digital camera on the market today. But if you want to have a fast, complete ID solution, your best bet is to check out one of the photo ID cameras we offer.

All of our photo ID cameras are equipped with TWAIN drivers that work with your ID card software to automatically import the images you take directly into the software template. Not only does this save time, it's a great way to streamline your entire photo ID printing process. When using a camera that does NOT feature TWAIN, you'll have more steps to get your photo into the software template.

First, you'll need to take your photos and figure out a way to get them onto your computer, either by downloading the images with a USB cord onto your computer or manually emailing them to yourself.

You'll still need to save them, potentially crop or retouch them, and then upload it into the software. Take it from someone who has heard copious complaints about this type of process: it's much more cumbersome and time-consuming. Long story short, a TWAIN-enabled camera just makes things a lot more efficient, all the way around.

We have several available options, ranging from entry-level to high-end digital cameras: Credential Cam Digital Camera Basic webcam with no flash The Credential Cam is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems.

The camera's impressive five-layer glass, true full HD 2.0-megapixel lens provides some of the sharpest webcam pictures around. The Credential Cam also includes a host of other features including bright light auto exposure, internal microphone, three different stands, a protective lens cover and carry case, plus a software suite with an amazing range of features.

Credential Cam Pro Digital Camera Mid-grade camera with an LED flash The Credential Cam Pro Photo ID Camera was designed with flexibility in mind. Because it's USB-based, there's no need for a frame grabber. Instead, a single USB cable provides power, video frames, control, and data transfer – all at your fingertips on your PC. The Credential Cam Pro viewer operates this camera without the need for any third-party software. Synchronized USB-powered LED flash offers consistent, high-quality images in any environment.

Canon Rebel T6 Camera Mid- to high-end camera The EOS Rebel T6 is ideal for novice users or those new to digital SLR photography who want to capture crisp, professional-looking pictures. Quickly learn your way around the camera with the built-in Field Guide and view live shooting on the large three-inch LCD screen. It features 18 megapixels for quality, high-resolution images and an intelligent mode that automatically determines the best exposure and photography enhancements for you.

VALCam Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera with USB High-end digital solution The VALCam operation is both fast and accurate. It features a high-quality lens and optics for fluid zoom and auto focus. The high-intensity flash with adjustable output allows for perfect illumination of your subject. The position of the flash on the VALCam conveniently eliminates red eye, and it's compatible with all major photo ID software packages and applications supporting TWAIN interface. It's also fully USB compatible; simply connect the hardware, run the auto setup program, and you're ready to go! If you're looking for the right ID card software to complete your ID card program, check out our photo ID software options today! Learn more>>

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