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Patients at Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities give Temperature Screening Kiosks a Thumbs-up

Non-profit pediatric rehab facility turns tedious temperature checks into positive interactions for its young visitors.

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The Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities (CTCQC) is a non-profit pediatric outpatient rehabilitation facility serving eastern Iowa and western Illinois communities. For over 72 years, CTCQC has been committed to working with young patients challenged with developmental disabilities and delays. Through physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy, CTCQC helps newborns up to 18-year-olds reach their highest level of independence.

Get children back to therapy, safely and responsibly.

With a renowned reputation for its children’s therapy services, CTCQC averages 600 appointments a month and has over 200 children on a waiting list. The Coronavirus outbreak halted in-office appointments for patients whose consistency in therapy is essential.

When the facility reopened again at 50 percent availability, CTCQC knew it needed to get as many children as possible back in for treatment. A mission to never turn a child away for inability to pay was more important than ever during financial difficulties triggered by COVID-19. That mission was under pressure with the economic downturn, curbing fundraising that is a major source of capital for the clinic.

“Our young patients go through a lot to overcome their challenges. It was difficult for our clinic staff to accept a modified level of service so we could follow COVID-19 precautions,” said Angie Peterson, CEO at Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities.  

CTCQC was faced with a formidable challenge: perform temperature checks for hundreds of appointments while limiting close-contact exposure. In a first-phase initiative, front-desk staff used hand-held forehead temperature scanners and oral screening questions. Repeated for each visitor arriving for therapy sessions, that process proved inefficient, unsustainable, and fell short on distancing precautions.

Pediatric patient uses Temperature Screening Kiosk in clinic setting.
3-step screening station: sanitize, temperature check, health questionnaire

A response so great, there’s no going back.

When Peterson first learned about the Temperature Screening Kiosk, she knew it would be a game-changer. After attending an easy-to-follow webinar presentation on how the kiosk works, Peterson and her management team decided it was a great fit to streamline the clinic’s screening process.

According to Peterson and her team, installing the temperature screening kiosk couldn’t have gone easier. Though Technical Support is available, the simple, intuitive instructions allowed an internal staff member to get the kiosk up and running quickly and without assistance.

“We can’t imagine going back to our old ways; the temperature screening kiosk has been a life-saver!” proclaimed Peterson. The biggest win for Peterson and her team is the peace of mind they’ve been granted. The kiosk eliminates unnecessary close contact between staff and visitors. With a focusing distance up to three feet from the device, the no-touch kiosk doesn’t require cleaning between screenings. Now, vulnerable patients are protected, and staff can focus on essential job duties.

"The kids love the Temperature Screening Kiosk! Most of our patients are ages 3-9, and they can’t wait to step up to the kiosk, position their face on the screen, and hear the voice, ‘talk back’ to approve their temperature."

Angie Peterson, CEO, Children's Therapy Center of the Quad Cities
Pediatric patient adjusts face for scanning on a thermo body temperature screening device.
A patient steps-up to get his temperature scan

Fun and easy screenings for the win!

The staff at CTCQC is keenly aware that coming into therapy isn’t always easy for the children or their parents. A positive environment from the moment they walk in the door leads to a successful therapy session. The Temperature Screening Kiosk came with an unexpected benefit—a fun encounter for its young visitors!

Those few moments of delight set the stage for a productive therapy session during which patients are engaged and ready to work hard. According to Peterson, “The kids love the Temperature Screening Kiosk! Most of our patients are ages 3-9, and they can’t wait to step up to the kiosk, position their face on the screen, and hear the voice, ‘talk back’ to approve their temperature.” For CTCQC, the arrival of a Temperature Screening Kiosk has been a win-win!

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