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Three Ways to Customize a Badge Reel

If you're an organization that's looking for an economical, low-cost way to effectively promote your brand while increasing company security, perhaps it's time to consider customized retractable badge reels.

By adding your logo, tagline, or mission statement an ID badge reel, you create a unique, one-of-a-kind marketing piece that helps promote your brand. Whether it’s for your employees, a hand out at a trade show or for personal use, customized retractable ID badges are affordable marketing tools that will definitely get noticed.

How to Customize a Badge Reel
There are essentially three ways to customize a badge reel:

  • Add text around the rim of the badge reel
  • Print a custom pad directly on the center of the reel
  • Add a color label

Whichever option you choose, you'll want to make sure that the color of your custom image will provide a high contrast to the badge reel to ensure that it's easy to see the image or read the text.

Custom Badge Reels

Here are our customized badge reel options:

A. Rim Print
The custom message is printed directly to the reel, around the rim. Please specify your font and color choice in the "Custom Notes" area.

B. Pad Print
The custom image is printed in the center of the badge reel. Ensure the image stands out by choosing a contrasting color.

C. Color Label
The custom image is printed to a solid white label. The printed label is then affixed to the center of the badge reel.

D. Color Label
The custom message is printed directly to the rim (just like A above), and the image in the middle is printed to a white label, using four-color process printing. Finally, the label is adhered to the badge reel's center.

Add a plastic dome to give your badge a more polished, complete look. You can find this feature within the "Options" tab when ordering your badge reels.

From federal government agencies to local fire departments, from corporate enterprises to small businesses, and from major universities to elementary schools, we’ve helped all of these organizations (and more!) create high-quality custom badge reels that fit their branding needs and their budget.

So if you’re looking for cost-effective solutions to help promote your business or cause, customized retractable ID badge reels are a great solution!

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