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Mitigate Security Risks with Visitor Management Software

How to Mitigate Security Risks with Visitor Management Software

Most people understand the importance of using employee ID card. But what about all the other people who enter and exit your doors every day? From a security standpoint, it's useless to provide your employees with ID cards when you’re not doing anything about visitor management.

Visitor management is defined as the process of monitoring the access and whereabouts of non-employee individuals who visit your building or facility. It puts accountability on both the person visiting a location and the person responsible for the visitor.

In larger organizations or high-security businesses, visitor management is a part of regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

At ID Wholesaler, we make it easy for you to address the risks associated with unknown people entering and exiting your buildings with a variety of visitor management software solutions.

Expiring Visitor Badges

First off, it's critical for you to have an effective visitor management software in place, such as Jolly Lobby Track. Lobby Track allows you to issue temporary paper or plastic ID badges to everyone entering your building.

In addition, you can check people in, view "who is in the building” reports, and other activity charts. You can even set the software up to automatically send an email to the employee who has a visitor, alerting them that the visitor has arrived.

In addition to effective visitor management software, expiring badge supplies have greatly increased in popularity over the past few years. With expiring badges, red expiration lines will bleed through the paper badge within 24 hours, giving a visual indication that the visitor should no longer be in the building.

When combined with visitor management software, expiring badges send a clear message to all people entering your building: "We know who you are, we know why you are here, and your time here is being monitored.”

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