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Which Proximity Card Brand Offers the Most Savings?

If you've purchased badge accessories from ID Wholesaler before (like lanyards, badge reels, or badge holders), then youValuProx Generic Proximity ID Cards know how important it is to protect your ID card and to make sure you have it with you when you need it. But what about the actual ID card? If your organization currently uses proximity cards, you may wonder what the differences are between proximity card brands. We can help with prox cards too! We carry ValuProx PVC and PVC-PET Proximity Cards – prox card alternatives that are equivalent to these popular name-brand part numbers:
  • 1386
  • 1336
  • 1536
  • 1586
All ValuProx prox card configurations offer a 26-bit format with 125kHz technology and are universally compatible with 125kHz prox card readers. The glossy, graphic-quality card surfaces are ideal for distinctive-looking credentials at an affordable price and include the option of prox plus magnetic stripe. ValuProx dual-technology prox cards are fully compliant with ISO-7810 card thickness requirements and designed in the most commonly used CR80 30-mil size (the same size as a regular credit card). The convenient vertical and horizontal slot punch indicators on the back of the cards help prevent damage to the embedded internal elements when cards are punched. You can choose a programmed or non-programmed option depending on your organization's application. Since we program ValuProx cards in-house, you'll receive your programmed cards in a matter of days, rather than a couple of weeks, as is common with programmed HID cards. Best of all, ValuProx Prox Cards cost 16% - 23% less than name-brand equivalent cards (dependent on card format and quantity). And the savings can really add up!

Why Choose ValuProx Proximity Cards?ValuProx Proximity Cards Logo

The easiest way to determine whether you should choose a ValuProx prox card is by answering these important card performance questions:
  • Do you want the same durability, reliability, and compatibility as name-brand prox cards?
    • 30-mil thickness
    • graphic-quality PVC cards
  • Do you want the same configuration options as name-brand prox cards?
    • 1336
    • 1386
    • 1536
    • 1586
  • Do you want to save significantly on your proximity card investment?
    • PVC Prox ~ Save 12%
    • PVC Prox + Mag Cards ~ Save 14%
    • PVC-PET Prox Cards ~ Save 4%
    • PVC-PET Prox Cards + Mag Cards ~ Save 8%
  • Do you want your programmed prox cards delivered in about a week?
    • ValuProx - Normal lead time of 2 days
    • Name-brand equivalent prox cards - Typical lead time of 2 - 3 weeks
If you answered "yes" to one – or all – of these questions, the answer is simple: you'll want to choose ValuProx Proximity Cards. If you have other questions about the difference between proximity cards and HID proximity cards of if you need help determining which ValuProx card is right for your organization, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help you get the best products at the best prices!
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