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Why Retransfer is Better than Direct-to-Card Printing

Why Retransfer is Better than Direct-to-Card PrintingImage is everything to companies and organizations around the world, and your ID cards are a direct reflection of that image. By using a reverse transfer ID card printer, you’ll have the best possible image quality which is important for detailed designs. ID cards printed using retransfer printing will have crisper and more vibrant colors than direct-to-card printing. Now with the release of even better, more advanced printhead technology, you can now print up to 600 DPI for significantly superior image quality! How Retransfer Printing Works With retransfer printers, images are printed onto a clear film and then transferred onto the surface of the card. Retransfer printers provide total over-the-edge prints which translate to an exceptionally professional look. In contrast, direct-to-card printers are limited in their reach across the card which leaves a white border around the card where the printhead is unable to get to. If you try to print too close to the edge of the card using a direct-to-card printer, you’ll find that your ribbon will consistently break. Speaking of printheads, the printhead is the part that actually applies your image to the card. Since the printing method of transferring the images to the clear film which then gets adhered to the card, the printhead in reverse transfer printers never actually touches the card's surface. As a result, the manufacturers are able to offer lifetime warranty coverage on the printheads. If you’ve ever had to replace a printhead in a direct-to-card printer, you know the price-tag isn’t cheap. With this in mind, spending a little more upfront on a retransfer printer is well worth the extra investment! Many of our customers now need to be more flexible and print on multiple card types, and the reverse transfer style printing method is the best match. Technology cards (e.g., proximity cards), pre-punched cards, and key tags are just a few examples of card types that work best with reverse transfer ID card printer due to the uneven surfaces and embedded antennas or circuits in the card. To learn more about why retransfer is better than direct-to-card printing and whether it's the right choice for your ID card program, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405.
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