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Two Tips for Ordering Custom Badge Reels and Lanyards

Custom Badge Reel and Lanyards

Over the years, we've helped a number of customers with custom badge reels and lanyards If you've checked the website, you're sure to see that we offer a wide variety of printing options for both badge reels and lanyards.

From pad print to rim print to multi-colored labels to combinations of the three, it can be a rather complex decision-making process. But for the sake of simplicity, let's break it down a little.

Whenever you order a custom badge reel with a multi-colored label, always include the dome…always! Not only does the dome addition look better from a purely aesthetic perspective, but when applied over the top of your label, this small piece of clear plastic will protect the artwork and prolong the life of the branded badge accessory.

Just like badge reels, lanyards come in a huge variety of options. And just like a huge variety, there's bound to be many questions.  Like "Do I go with one color or four?" "Do I print on one side or two?" And so on.

Again, for simplicity's sake, keep this in mind:  whenever you order custom lanyards, always increase the width…always! This effortless step will not only enhance the look but it improves the quality of the artwork by providing a larger surface area for your company logo or name. Easy…simple…affordable.

As always, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of an ID Professional who is ready to help make ordering custom badge accessory easy and affordable. Give us a call at (800) 321-4405!

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