Data Capture

Data Capture: Signature Capture, Fingerprint Scanners & More!

Data Capture Devices

When purchasing your ID card printing equipment, it's easy to focus on the primary pieces of equipment - such as the card printer, software, and camera - and forget about some of the extras. ID Wholesaler can also up with all of your data capture devices as well!

We have an extensive assortment of signature capture pads, along with barcode and fingerprint scanners and not to mention magnetic stripe and prox card readers!

Signature capture pads
are available in a few varieties and sizes. Some have the backlit feature where the screen lights up to easily see your signature while you’re signing. Still others have a fingerprint scanner built in to make data capture quick and easy!

Another very popular device is the barcode scanner. Barcode scanners range from very basic to Bluetooth enabled options to more sophisticated scanners that can read 2D barcodes as well as magnetic stripes in the same scanner.

No matter what technology you’ll need on the card, you can count on your dedicated account representative to see the big picture and help ensure you come away with all the equipment needed to make your ID program a success!

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