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ID Cards for Utilities & Maintenance Providers

Benefits of Employee & Customer ID Cards for Utilities & Maintenance ProvidersExample of an Arm Band ID Holder

With an in-house ID card printer system, you can simplify your employee ID card program and increase the overall impact your cards have on safety and security. Within minutes, you can photograph each employee and create professional-grade, on-demand credentials. You can also use your printer to produce well-branded cards for your customers to complement your services. Plastic ID cards allow your organization to:
  • Identification for office personnel and in-field technicians
  • Provide advanced security within your facility
  • ID cards for account access
  • Customize cards to expand brand awarenes

Identification for All Employees

As a utilities or maintenance services company, you employ in-office staff along with field associates that interact directly with customers. Identification and security are integral for both, and managing separate programs for each will be a memory when you design and create cards in-house with an ID card printer system. With everything you need to design, create, and manage your ID card issuance, printer systems include the necessary tools to get you up and running in very little time:
  • Card printer
  • Color ribbon
  • Camera
  • ID cards
  • ID software
In addition to a wide variety of ID badge holders for your office employees, we also carry specialized ID badge accessories for your employees out in the field, including arm band holders like the one featured above. In addition to protecting credentials from standard wear and tear, they can help extend the life of ID cards from the elements when working in the field. Learn more about the benefits of ID card printer systems or shop now!

Security for In-house and Field Employees & Customers

With dual-purpose employee cards, you'll provide visual identification and security in a single card. With ID photos, it's easy to visually validate employees. For further distinction, cards can also be color-coded by department, for example. When it comes to security, there are a wide variety of ways to make cards more secure ranging from barcode or magnetic stripe encoding to proximity or RFID, holographic overlays or foils. This security can be used to grant specialized access to certain areas within your facility or to restrict access to customer data via a computer or network. Enhanced security can also be achieved with the varying types of proximity technology cards available today. In addition to access control, Corporate 1000 cards can be used to provide extra security with heightened safeguards, duplicate card prevention, and an extended range of card numbers. A number of the utilities and maintenance service providers we provide solutions for create specialized cards for their field technicians. Whenever they're at a customer's home for a service visit, they're required to have their ID cards prominently displayed. This enables their customers to see immediately that they are legitimate service company employees. Find out how to add visual security features to your ID cards.

Account Access & Management

Utilities and maintenance providers also use smart cards as a method for customers to easily access their account or pay their bill. This is especially convenient for satellite operations with kiosks or computers that allow a user to wave their card in front of a reader to gain full access to their account, pay bills, and more.

Establish Brand Awareness

Separating your organization from the competition is critical for expanding your business. Growing your brand presence within the community can be as simple as designing ID cards that feature your company logo or trademark, colors, or other brand elements. With specialized features like tactile impression, cards can be transformed with mechanical dies that create tangible seals on an ID card's surface for optimal brand recognition.
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