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Safety Badge Accessories for the Work Environment

Safety badge accessories

In virtually every workplace, employee safety is a top priority. Unless you're reminded from time to time, it can be simple to forget the safety basics. Badging and IDs are no exception when it comes to safety. The security that ID cards provide should be complemented with safety. But how can this be accomplished?  With safety badge accessories from ID Wholesaler, of course!

When it comes to badging and IDs, most people don’t think beyond the physical ID and security.

Safety – which should go hand in hand with security – can sometimes be a secondary consideration. Here are a few ID-related safety tips to keep in mind:

Metal-free badge accessories
If you work around MRI machines, order badge clips and lanyards that are metal-free. MRIs are essentially massive magnets, so badge attachments that contain metal are mutually attractive. Protect yourself and patients with attachments that are made entirely of plastic.

Breakaway lanyards
Do you work in a school, factory, medical, or child care facility? If you do, breakaway lanyards are the smarter choice. They have a plastic clip at the top that separates under force, which tears the lanyard away and prevents choking.

Reflective lanyards & badge holders
Mishaps and accidents caused by lack of visibility are easily preventable. If you work in an environment that you need to be seen for safety, a reflective lanyard or badge holder is ideal.

Antimicrobial badge holders
For food service and healthcare employees, antimicrobial badge holders add another layer of safety by helping prevent the growth of germs and bacteria.

If you have additional questions about safety badge accessories, an experienced ID Professional can help by suggesting safe and dependable product options for your work environment. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now.
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