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Types of Badge Clips for ID Cards

If your company or organization requires you to wear your ID card or badge for visual identification, badge clips are a cost-effective, simple, and easy solution. They will ensure that your badge is in full view at all times.ID Badge Clips

Badge clips can also be used with a badge holder, badge reel, or lanyard to fasten and display your photo ID.

We have various types of badge clips that come in a versatile selection of styles, materials, and colors to display your ID card or badge. We carry an extensive array of badge clips to ensure you find the one that's perfect for your unique needs:

  • Strap clips –easily attach through a slot punch opening on your ID card and snap the attachment to your clothing
  • Adhesive back clips - adhere directly to your ID card and clip or pin to clothing (no slot punch required)
  • Plastic attachments – the perfect options when little or no metal parts are required (e.g., airports or medical facilities)
  • Magnetic attachments – fasten and secure ID cards directly to shirt pockets and belts without the use of pins or clips
  • Earth-friendly clips – made of phthalates-free, DOP-free PVC, these clips are a great eco-conscious and responsible  option

Don't Take Our Word for It
Our badge clips are popular with customers. See for yourself!

Strap Clips

"Our company badges are used daily & these clips are used to keep them front & center on our employees. They must be able to hold on to the employee's shirts & be worry free while they are working throughout the day." - HR Associate from Wauchula, Florida (Clear Vinyl Badge Clip with Large Snaps)

Adhesive Back Clips

"I was making guest badges from card stock for a bridal show, and needed a way to attach them to bride's clothing without causing the damage to clothing that "stick-on" name tags can do. I ordered these clips and they were the perfect solution. They were easy to adhere, good quality clips that didn't break, and adjusted easily depending on where the bride wanted to attach them. We were very pleased with these clips and would definitely purchase them again." - Wedding Woman from Seattle, Washington (Adhesive 1-Hole Ribbed Badge Clip)

Plastic Attachments

"We purchased the first order of these to see how well they would work and keep coming back for more. We require students to wear their IDs on a lanyard and those with a meal plan must scan their cards for meals. These grippers keep the cards secure and they can easily be removed to run through the register." - Chief Pessink from Kilgore, TX (Gripper Badge Holders)

Magnetic Attachments

"I have ordered these magnets for the last 2 years. We prefer magnets to the pins that are on our nametags. The pins will ruin shirts. These magnets are VERY strong. They really hold the nametag to your shirt. Our guys in maintenance have no problems keeping their nametags on even during rough and tumble tasks. I recommend these magnets to everyone in our national franchise business." - Carolyn from Pueblo, Colorado (MagnaBadge Magnetic Badge Attachment)

Earth-friendly Clips

"I design custom lanyards for conferences, office workers and medical personnel. I include badge clips that must be reliable, sturdy and universal for common ID badges. I love these reliable clips that can be interchangable with my designer lanyards and be removed to easily switch and change from business lanyard to my lanyard as an art necklace. Quality material to match my quality lanyards." - Two Dragonflies from Plumas Lake, California (Clear Earth-Friendly Badge Clip)

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