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Creating Staffing or Employment ID Badges for Your Clients’ Workforce

Employment and staffing agencies are a vital part of fulfilling the workforce needs around the globe. According to data from the American Staffing Association, U.S. staffing firms put – on average – 3.22 million temporary and contract employees toTemporary Employee ID Badge work each week in Q3 of 2017. As a staffing agency, many of your clients require all employees to have and display a photo ID at all times. In some cases, your client will provide the identification card for the newly hired worker, and in other cases, your client may require your staffing agency to provide a badge for the individual. We work with temporary and staffing agencies on a regular basis and we get it; time is money! Each day you don’t have a position filled is a day that your agency can’t bill the client for hours worked.

Our role at ID Wholesaler is to place the best solution for ID badge creation in your hands, and get you back to filling those positions as quickly as you can! Once the ID card printer system is in place, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can accomplish this task of printing the ID badges for your clients’ new employees and move on to sourcing and screening more potential talent for your clients.

A few scenarios come to mind that tend to be popular with our staffing and employment agency customers:

  • Proximity / access control cards issued to the worker
    • If your client requires the temporary/contracted worker to use a door access or proximity card, consider printing the photo ID onto an adhesive-backed ID card.
    • This will allow the new hire’s ID card and access badge to become a single card.
    • By using adhesive-backed cards for the photo ID portion of the badge, your client will be able to re-use and/or re-issue the proximity card if there’s substantial turnover by saving them money on expensive technology cards
  • Visual ID badge only
    • If your client doesn’t use any proximity card and simply needs a visual indicator of the temporary worker or contractor status and role, standard PVC cards will do the trick.
  • Time tracking and attendance with a barcode or other card technology
    • This will help your client more easily identify the workers you’ve helped place for them.
    • It will also aid in the keeping of payroll and hours worked through your staffing efforts which will help you get paid quicker and more efficiently.

By providing photo ID badges for those in your workforce pool, you’ll be able to provide your client with one more key service that will help set you apart from your competition!
Here are my top picks for photo ID printers for staffing and employment agencies:

Fargo DTC4500e card printer

  • Dual input hoppers make it possible for you to keep two clients’ cards loaded and ready to print.
  • It’s remarkably fast, printing a full-color ID card in only 16 seconds!
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces come standard, enabling you to connect on one workstation or network for multiple users.

Whatever your organization’s needs are, you can depend on the expertise of our ID Professionals to help you find the ID card printing solution that’s right for your employment or staffing agency! Call us today at (800) 321-4405;

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