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Finishing Options for Lanyards

As you search our website looking through a multitude of choices to find the perfect finishing options for badge accessories – specifically standard or custom lanyards – you may be asking yourself, "How do I choose the correct specifications?"

It's really pretty easy! I'll address two common questions that customers ask me when they're shopping for either standard or custom lanyards online:

1.  What is a "breakaway" for a lanyard?
Simply put, the breakaway is a piece of very durable plastic that connects the lanyard at a certain point that will “break away” from a person's neck if the lanyard is tugged on. The benefit to this feature is that if the lanyard is pulled on or gets caught in something, it will easily break apart which helps ensure the safety of the person who is wearing it.

A couple of common applications for this type of lanyard include:

  • schools
  • child care centers
  • manufacturing facilities
  • nursing homes
  • medical centers

Lanyards with the breakaway feature are worn to not only keep photo IDs around the user's neck but also to keep safety in mind at all times.

Another choice for lanyards are the finishing options. These include nickel-plated or black oxide metal crimps, a sewn-on finish, or the very popular detachable sliding buckles.

The final piece for connecting the ID card to the lanyard is the lanyard attachment. Choose from a variety of options, including the bulldog clip, metal swivel hook, and the split ring. One of the very popular attachments used frequently with technology cards (like proximity cards which have an embedded antenna and electronic chip inside) is the gripper.

In addition to lanyards, these highly versatile and budget-conscious attachments can easily be added to virtually any existing attachment (e.g., strap clips and badge reels).

2.  What's the difference between a swivel spring clip and a spring clip for a badge reel?
A “swivel” spring clip (also referred to as an "alligator" clip) that rotates 360 degrees on the badge reel. A spring clip is just an alligator clip that stays vertical only opening and closing. The benefit of each of these specifications is completely up to the personal preference of the end-user.

A common application for the “swivel” spring clip includes when cards are attached and used for door access with a proximity card and needs to be retracted often to open a door.

Swivel spring clips allow the proper rotation while keeping the reel in place when attached to a person's belt, shirt, or purse.

You can find all of the possible lanyard attachments and finishing options under the "Options" tab for both custom and standard lanyards on the product page.

When in doubt, you can always call a knowledgeable ID Professional! We're waiting to answer your questions as you sift through the seemingly endless attachment options! Call us at (800) 321-4405 x2 or chat now.
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