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Prevent Broken ID Cards with These 4 Quick Fixes

Has this ever happened to you before:  your ID cards break right in between the open area in the card made by the slot punch and the edge of the card. Arrrrgh! Broken ID Card Unfortunately, this is a fairly common area for ID cards to break. Fortunately, there are a few really helpful fixes you can consider to eliminate this problem once and for all.

  1. Giving some thought to switching to composite cards. Composite cards are made up of a combination of PVC and polyester, making them significantly stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than standard PVC cards.
  2. Instead of punching the slot directly into the card, what about using an ID badge holder instead? There are numerous options that won’t stick to or affect the printed information on the card, including: all-weather resistant holders anti-print transfer holders
  3. Try the badge reels with card clamp a try. These nifty badge reels are designed with a patented attachment that clamps directly onto your card. Badge reels with a built-in card clamp completely eliminates the need for the slot punch. We even have all-in-one badge reels with clamps that include the about total convenience!
  4. If you decide badge holders aren’t the best option for your application, use one of my favorite accessories:  the badge gripper. Available in black or white, the grippers use friction to keep your ID card securely placed.
As you can see there are many solutions available to you. Discuss the what headaches (if any) you encounter with your ID cards, printer, or badge accessories with a knowledgeable ID Professional today. Then count on us to come up with a solution!

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