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Using Retractable Badge Reels for Access Control

Retractable ID Badge Reels

Like many employees, you probably use your door access card to get into the building on a daily basis. You probably also wear your ID card so that it’s visible to other staff members and they’re able to tell who you are.

At ID Wholesaler, we've found the very best solution for accommodating both requirements would have to be the badge reel – also referred to as a retractable badge reel. These ingenious little accessories provide an extended reach. This allows you to simply pass your access card over the card reader without removing it from a badge holder or your wallet. In addition, retractable badge reels provide exceptional visibility.

Badge reels also keep your ID card out of the way while making it easily accessible and easy to reach whenever it's needed.

Retractable badge reels are typically worn on a person’s belt but can be worn around the neck with a retractable badge reel and lanyard combination too. The lanyard and badge reel combination is designed with a retractable reel that is permanently attached to the lanyard. It allows an ID badge to be highly visible, making it ideal for security and identification purposes.

Like most companies that want a higher level of security, adding customization to retractable badge reels will help keep security levels difficult to duplicate. That’s one of the reasons why many companies opt to add their organization's logo, emblem, or colors to their reels.

Adding customization to your badge reels will increase your organization’s security as well as more firmly support brand recognition. Badge reels come in a variety of colors, styles, and configurations to meet any of your customization requirements.

Remember:  When ordering your retractable badge accessories, don't forget a slot punch! The slot punch tool punches a hole in an ID card, allowing it to easily attach to the badge reels or lanyard.

For more information about retractable badge reels or for help with designing and ordering your custom badge reel, just call a friendly and knowledgeable ID Professional.

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