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Benefits of EDIsecure’s XID 9300 and XID 9330 Card Printers

The EDIsecure XID 9300 and 9330 retransfer printers combine offset print quality output with a wide range of card encoding and secure lamination options.EDIsecure XID 9300 and XID 9330

Both the XID 9300 and XID 9330 printers offer a variety of encoding options for encoding mag stripe or smart cards. Plus, the EDIsecure Advanced Chip Encoding Framework (CEF) makes chip encoding as easy as magnetic stripe encoding.

CEF is part of the printer driver, which features an open architecture that makes it possible for the Advanced CEF to support almost every possible chip type. It’s now possible to encode smart chips from nearly any software application that allows variable field data in a card template!

Not only can the new XID 9300 and XID 9330 printers encode most any smart card, they feature reverse transfer printing technology, giving them the capability to print on challenging uneven card surfaces like smart cards as well.

Both XID 9300 and XID 9330 retransfer printers are dual-sided printers, printing on both sides of a card, plus they can be easily upgraded to laminate one or both sides of a card as well. Lamination extends the life of your cards and can increase card security too. Both printers include mechanical locks to secure access to printer supplies and consumables and the XID 9330 includes printer password protection to increase the security of your card production environment.

While both printers include a rugged, industrial design and a compact shape, the XID 9330 printer was specifically designed for high-volume card output, printing up to 840 cards per hour by connecting up to seven XID 9330 printers to a single print server using the driver-based Advanced Intelligent Printer Manager (IPM).

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