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How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

BACKGROUND: Enforcing Security ProtocolBroward County District School Case Study In the wake of the horrific tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward County School District accelerated existing safety and security projects and enhanced existing protocols to keep its 270,000 students and staff safe.

Hallandale High School is located in southern Florida and part of the 286 schools in the Broward County School District, one of the nation’s largest educational ecosystems. The student population includes teenagers from Hallandale Beach, Pembroke Park and West Park, for a combined total of about 1,300 kids.

With such a substantial number of students filing through its hallways each year, the school had to address the need to enforce the security protocol related to student and staff ID badges as outlined in the February 2019 Safety and Security Update by the district:

“All schools must have identification badges produced for students and staff members. Principals are required to maintain and communicate a well-developed process for ensuring that the badges are worn at all times, with ongoing monitoring for compliance. All visitors must wear some form of identification badge that is visible while on campus.”

CHALLENGE: Badges Worn at All Times Travis Montgomery, IT Microtech Specialist at Hallandale High School, was on task to administer ID cards to everyone within the school. “Not only do I need to provide aBroward County District School Case Study badge to every student and staff member, I also have to make sure I’m enhancing the look and feel. That way, students are more willing to wear their ID badges at all times while on campus,” Montgomery said. He devised a plan with the following components:

  • Provide students and faculty with badges at the start of the school year
  • Combine an attractive design with a custom lanyard to increase attractiveness
  • Print badges daily for students who forgot or lost their badge

“With the overhauled security regulations, badges could no longer be hidden from plain sight. We’ve imposed a more stringent rule that badges must be worn with a lanyard in order to visually identify all students and staff,” Montgomery shared. “For stronger security, we even have another staff member present to closely monitor the card production process for optimal efficiency,” he added.

SOLUTION: Executing the Plan
“A new design is necessary every year to eliminate students from entering the school with last year’s badge,” Montgomery explained. “Badges are color coded for position and campus access differentiation. This year, I chose a gold design. Beyond the student ID number, I include a barcode for use in the cafeteria and to track students that arrive late.”

Fargo DTC4500e ID Card Printer

After the design is done, Montgomery prints off a badge for each student before the school year begins. He relies on his Fargo DTC4500e ID card printer, color ribbons, PVC cards and custom lanyards from ID Wholesaler. “It generally takes me about two hours to print roughly 300 cards. The speed of this workhorse printer is essential when I print badges for ninth graders. Student photos can be taken on the day the school year starts,” Montgomery said. In addition, Hallandale faculty receive a new badge, featuring the new school year.

When the updated school security guidelines were implemented, Montgomery recalls that this was a sizeable change, especially for students. “Badges were everywhere except on lanyards around their necks! The lanyards we got from ID Wholesaler show off Hallandale’s school pride and encourage students to wear the lanyard and badge together around their neck,” Montgomery commented.

Card production doesn’t stop once fall rolls around either! After Montgomery completes the mammoth task of printing 1,000 to 1,300 badges for the new school year, he still prints 20 or so cards a day. “Students get a total of five badge replacements each year. After they lose or damage the five cards, we charge them $5.00 for each additional card,” Montgomery explained.

RESULTS:  Partner with an Industry Leader
Montgomery reports the school’s stronger regulations – in concert with the PVC cards and custom-branded ID badge accessories – were gratefully and effortlessly adopted by students, staff and visitors. “With our new process and guidelines in place, enforcement has been simple by everyone involved,” Montgomery pointed out.

When asked how his experience was working with ID Wholesaler to significantly enhance their badge program, Montgomery offers high praises for the photo ID industry leader. “I’ve always received the highest level of professionalism from ID Wholesaler. I recommend ID Wholesaler to everyone. From their availability, expert support, pricing and more,” Montgomery exclaimed.

He also applauded his ID Wholesaler Account Manager. “I love my Account Manager, Mat. He regularly stays in touch with me so I can stay ahead of the game. I really appreciate that,” Montgomery stated. “Mat’s provided exceptional service for Hallandale High School.” Montgomery summed up his experience very simply: “I’d definitely recommend ID Wholesaler!”

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