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ID Badge Clips

There is a wide variety of badge clips that can be used to fasten a photo ID card or badge holder to a lanyard, badge reel, and other badge accessories. Since there are many different badge clips that are suited for the different needs you may have, it can sometimes be tricky to identify the subtle differences between various badge clips.

Badge clips tend to vary by the following:

  • the length of strap they are attached to
  • the style of the clip
  • the type of plastic used to create the strap

Here's a handy guide that highlights the unique qualities of our most popular badge clips:

Economy Badge Clip
A basic vinyl clip at a cost effective price.

Long Badge Clip
The long 3-1/2-inch strap allows for use with multiple ID cards.

Extra-long Badge Clip
The extended 4-inch strap allows for use with multiple ID cards.

Eco-friendly Badge Clip
Earth-friendly, biodegradable strap is made from phthalates-free PVC-DOP material which does not contain environmental pollutants.

Clothing-friendly Clip
Rubber cushioned tip helps to reduce damage to delicate clothing.

Narrow Strap
Permits swiping of cards when regular width strap clips would hang up in a swipe-style reader.

Reinforced Vinyl
Opaque white reinforced vinyl strap provides added durability.

Mylar Badge Clip
Mylar composition offers high-strength and heat-resistant durability and longevity. These clips have the least amount of stretch, and retain their shape under stress.

Gripper clips use a silicon core to hold the card and prevent damage to smart cards, proximity cards, or cards with RF (radio frequency) circuitry.

Colored Badge Clips
Available in six popular colors, these clips offer a visual way to identify groups of people (e.g., employees wear green clips, and visitors wear red clips)

Most badge clips are sold in quantities of 100 or 500 pieces. If you do intend to slot punch your cards, check out ID Wholesaler's selection of slot punches. Contact an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 to help you find the right badge accessory for your specific needs.

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