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What is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House?

In today's world, photo ID badges are a necessity for organizations. For this reason, many businesses have chosen to printLearn how to print ID cards in-house (just like this one!) ID cards in-house. They pay to have these photo ID badges created. Most badges include full-color photos and printing on both sides. Many include technology that allows employees to access buildings, sign in and out of work and more.

Printing your ID cards in-house will save you money and allow your company the flexibility to change the design or add different information whenever needed.

Creating a photo ID and printing your cards in-house is easy and requires little time. First, you will need to select the right printer for your requirements. A few options that can be selected are the ability to print on both sides of a card (called "dual-sided printers), encode smart cards and write to magnetic stripes. Printers also vary by printing speed, print quality, connectivity (USB, Ethernet, wireless) and other options.

In order to design and create a photo ID, you also need to invest in some card design software. Card design software includes an easy-to-use template, making it easy to type text, pictures and create a standard template for all your ID cards. Some card design software allows you to save your cards in a database, import from databases, and network the card printer you’re printing to.

Along with the printer and software, you will also need a ribbon and plastic ID cards.

Card printers can print in full-color, like a photograph, using a ribbon with colored yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels. Ribbons also include a black resin panel, for printing readable barcodes and other text. A protective overlay (O) panel is also included on ribbons.

The most commonly-used cards include white PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards, and proximity cards.

The maintenance of ID card printers is easy. Every card printer has its own cleaning kit that includes cleaning cards to keep the feed rollers clean and printhead cleaning swabs to keep the thermal printhead clean. Regular maintenance will keep your printer running well and make it last longer.

Once printed, many ID cards are slot punched in order to be used on a lanyard, badge reel, or vinyl badge clip. Some also use a badge holder and then attach it to a lanyard or strap clip. Using lanyards, badge reels or strap clips makes it easy to present and access identity cards.

Owning a card printer to print your ID cards in-house is more convenient, allows you flexibility, and will save money and your time in the long-run. If you have questions about printing cards, contact an experienced ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help!

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