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How to Choose the Right Badge Accessories

When you're figuring out how to choose the right badge accessories, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. The most critical consideration is safety.

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Industrial Workplaces
If you work in an industrial setting and wand to prominently display your ID card or badge, the conventional lanyard may not be the best choice, especially if it's not equipped with a breakaway closure which safely disconnects under pressure to eliminate the risk of choking.

A better option might be an armband badge holder, because it easily affixes to your arm to display your badge yet keeps your ID close at hand.

Building Access
Is your photo ID printed on a proximity card for door access to your building? If it is, many prox card users choose to use the retractable badge reels due to their convenience and ease of pulling the ID card away from yourself to scan the door reader. This prevents the need to remove the lanyard from your neck or unclip the ID card from your shirt in order to reach the door's proximity card reader.

Medical & Education
Many educational systems and medical facilities choose lanyards. We carry an extensive array of colors, styles and custom applications where the school or medical name, logo, and colors can add a more professional touch.

Customized lanyards are easily seen and recognized. Plus, they are durable and reliable with a variety of attachment options to also hold your ID card, a pen, cell phone holders, and more.

Security + Branding
Some organizations choose to customize their lanyards or their badge reels or both. In addition to added security and protection for your credentials, custom lanyards and badge reels offer a vehicle for establishing or building brand recognition.

Multi-purpose ID Display
Finally, vinyl badge clips are very commonly used to present a photo ID. Clips are a smart and easy-to-use option when you will be wearing your badge for visual identification and not removing it for door access via proximity. Clips can also be attached to a shirt pocket and easily seen on the wearer.

If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional badge clip, give our magnetic badge holders a try. They are a simple way to securely hold ID cards or badges to belts and the pockets on shirts without having to use standard clips or pins.

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