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Magnetic Badge Holders

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Easy to attach to your shirt pocket or belt, magnetic badge holders are a clothing-friendly solution for work environments where employees are required to wear and display credentials. Available in vertical and horizontal orientations in a variety of sizes, these badge holders allow you to attach your ID card to your clothing without the use of a clip or pin. Plus, magnetic badge holders can be removed quickly – a handy feature for security checks and access control!

Note: Magnetic badge holders are safe for use with magnetic stripe cards, such as proximity cards, and will not erase or compromise encoded data.


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What Should I Know Before I Order a Magnetic Badge Holder?

Magnetic badge holders make it fast and easy to remove and attach the holder to your belt or shirt without pins or clips. There are a few important decisions you should make before placing an order for magnetic badge holders.

Card size
Most importantly, you'll want to make sure that your card (and anything else that will be placed inside the holder) will fit inside the holder! Badge holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In general, magnetic badge holders can be classified into these groups:

  • ID card size: holds a standard ID card size insert (credit card size)
  • Government or military size: larger than a standard ID card, with the same general proportions
  • Event size: larger than ID card size and generally either slightly more square, commonly used for conventions, or longer, commonly used for oversized event badges
Vertical or horizontal orientation
You also need to know if your card design has a horizontal or a vertical orientation.