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How to Display Prox Cards Without Using a Slot Punch

It happens all the time. We see customers wanting to move from standard PVC cards to proximity cards, smart cards, Indala cards, or iClass cards. The most common reason customers begin to consider these cards is to address the need for more visual security with the added safety of access control.

To take full advantage of these cards, organizations often require cardholders to wear and display them at all times. However, our customers often wonder, "How can we display our photo ID cards without punching a hole that could damage the embedded electronics? These cards are much too expensive to put at risk!” There are actually a number of solutions you may employ.

We carry a large supply of badge holders, some of which are designed specifically for this scenario. When attached with a badge clip, a lanyard or a badge reel, they lock the access card in place, thus eliminating the need for a hole or slot punch.

Other slot punch-free methods are provided by the gripper or the clamp style badge clip. These specialty devices (shown below) are designed specifically for applications that require cards that are not slot punched to be displayed. The gripper can also become the attachment for a badge clip, a lanyard or a badge reel. No matter what your organization is in need of, we have a safe and secure slot punch-free solution for you.

Slot-Punch Free Badge Attachments

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