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ID Wholesaler is your go-to source for Polaroid card printer supplies, including hard-to-find supplies for discontinued Polaroid models. Using genuine Polaroid supplies ensures the best performance from your card printer, and we offer the largest selection of genuine Polaroid printer supplies online. Our inventory includes Polaroid color and mono ribbons, cleaning kits, and more.


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How Do I Know Which Supplies to Use in My Polaroid ID Card Printer?

There are two ways to find genuine Polaroid ribbons and supplies for your specific Polaroid printer model.

  1. Use the Polaroid Printer Supplies Finder at the top of this page to find ribbons, cleaning kits, and more for your Polaroid ID card printer. Simply select the printer manufacturer, printer model, and supply type and you'll be on your way. Bookmark this tool for future ordering!
  2. Find your specific Polaroid printer model (such as Polaroid P2500S) by using the search bar at the top of this page. Click on your printer and then see the "Related Products" tab to find links to a number of supplies made for your printer.

If you have any difficulty finding your Polaroid printer supplies, give an ID Professional a call!

Do I Really Need a Cleaning Kit?

Polaroid VEN1039 Cleaning Kit - Cleaning Cards & Swabs

Absolutely! Dust may be small, but when it comes to your Polaroid card printer, the damage it can create is substantial. Dust and other particles can accumulate inside a printer and cause spots or specks to appear on the printed cards. Worse yet, dust can damage the printhead which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

This is why a cleaning kit is so important. Polaroid recommends that you run a cleaning kit through your printer after each ribbon change. This routine maintenance will keep your card printing costs down, extend the life of your printer, and keep your warranty intact.

Another added bonus is that Polaroid cleaning kits are inexpensive - usually only a couple dollars a cleaning. Just one more reason to clean your Polaroid printer regularly!

What is an Extended Warranty?

All Polaroid card printers come with a two- to three-year manufacturer warranty which covers parts and labor. Extend that coverage for up to five years with an ID Wholesaler extended warranty plan. Our extended warranty plans are serviced by our knowledgeable in-house technical support team. They include toll-free technical support, live chat support, total parts and labor replacement, and fast turn-around on printer repairs.

If you'd be in a pinch without your printer for one to two weeks, you may also want to consider printer loaner coverage. These plans provide you with a loaner printer in the event your Polaroid printer needs repair. With this, your card printing can continue uninterrupted. 

Note: Polaroid extended warranty plan and/or loaner coverage must be purchased within 60 days of your printer purchase to avoid additional fees.